Mes Demoiselles

Arouses the senses, inviting us on a voyage, season after season, to fantastic lands, so that we allow ourselves to dream with our eyes wide open.

  • Handmade
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Mes Demoiselles

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Anita Radovanovic adds a new flavor to basics by cultivating encounters that only fate and the heart can provoke. Her collections emerge from cultures that have the spirit of handmade tradition, and the taste for the natural in their soul. Soft and light, this fabric is hand-woven according to ancestral Indian techniques. It dances majestically with the movements. Combined with the softness of the skin, it unifies comfort and sensuality. In pursuit of the essentials since its origins, Mes Demoiselles ... Paris is inspired by what the Earth can offer us, and interprets that in an original way, in order to create unique pieces that fit in times. The Mes Demoiselles ... Paris universe has a descended, it’s a form, a pledge of quality, a reflection, passions and emotions. The link between fashion and a sincere desire to convey the values and vision of a world she loves.

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