Tabula Rasa

United States of America
The collection is inspired by her extensive experience in knitwear, love of interiors and an insatiable desire to see the world.

  • Handmade
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Tabula Rasa

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“With Tabula Rasa, I wanted to translate fashion, home and travel into a single expression.” This expression takes the form of refined, modern basics that reflect a simple yet sophisticated love of craft, filtered through a global sensibility. Each item is handmade in the authentic style belonging to its origin with an emphasis on construction and detail. Textiles were the foundation of Emily's passion for design, much like textiles have become the foundation of Tabula Rasa. Every garment begins with two elements, the yarn and the stitch. How these two elements come together determine the weight, the drape, the outcome of the garment itself. Centuries old techniques are given new life in modern interpretations. Every knit has a story, every knit has a history.

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