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Valentine Witmeur Lab

“I wanted the collection to be comfortable, chic and cool at the same time”. Simple cut sweaters which boast a unique and distinctive personified style.

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Valentine Witmeur Lab

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Valentine wanted to develop a range of sweaters that primarily focused on design, color, and style as well as on product quality. The Lab uses only the finest quality yarns. The main components of the yarns are wool, merino, and cashmere. During our many journeys and encounters, they met with the best suppliers, whom they visit frequently. They are able to offer unparalleled quality thanks to the passion and know-how of their artisans and their respect for tradition. Being familiar with and understanding every step of the production process is vital for them. Their sweaters are produced in Portugal, in a small family-owned atelier, renowned for its excellence, know-how and craftmanship. There, they produce them in small quantities to guarantee exclusivity, reduce the carbon footprint and maintain our brand positioning.

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