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Bless the Mess is a Barcelona based company known for their blazers with handmade cuffs. A unique collection of jackets for the chic urban femme, a free spirit who appreciates details and ethnic adornment. A brand that generates inspiration from worldly authentic encounters amalgamated with a sense of freedom.

  • Local Production
  • Handmade
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Details make the difference

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Bless The Mess

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Bless the Mess was born from a shared passion for fashion and style, between two best friends. Locally sourced and produced in Barcelona, Spain and and the blazers have handmade cuffs. They support the small factories to produce their pieces in order to avoid mass production. The eco founders, Andrea Ruiz and Elisabeth Mas, a fashion illustrator and a famous model and influencer, infuse perseverance with creativity and safety with extroversion, a real galactic mess. The fusion of ordered chaos was developed when these two soul sisters decided to embrace their strengths, in other words, bless their mess. They have bred a collection of blazers for women whose passport has the stamp of unique ‘gypset’ style.

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