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From day to night, beyond trends, seasons and her ever-changing moods.

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Lia Kes grew up in an idealistic Israeli pioneering community in northern Israel. All the community was outfitted by the communal sewing workshop known as the “matpera”. They taught her to use a sewing machine at the age of 12, which is when she vowed to uphold the matpera’s unique utilitarian tradition and the values represented by the community’s work ethic. Kes’ designs reflect her upbringing, the realities of her current life and her vision for the future. A close look at any Kes garment reveals her meticulous attention to detail, construction and use of high-quality materials. An even closer look offers a window into the modesty of Kes’ youth coupled with the sophistication and edginess of her modern, urban reality living in New York City. This intersection of qualities allows Kes to effortlessly dress the modern woman and make her feel both empowered and naturally beautiful.

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