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Luxury Workout Look

Ultracor offers high-performance clothing that flatters the body and slims the core. The leggings, tops, and bras are the key to a luxury workout look, with saturated colors, sharp details, and innovative, shape-sculpting fabrics.

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ULTRACOR is a performance-driven fashion collection created from the finest technical fabrics, utilizing patented engineering to provide a fit like never before. Ultracor is made in the US. Whether working out at the gym or going out at night, ULTRACOR's innovation sculpts and enhances a woman's body to look better than ever before. The leggings by Ultracor fuse futuristic with contemporary trends. The fit and cut accentuate the best of athletic wear, while staying fashion forward with the colour palette and texturing. Professional cyclist and denim industry veteran Michael Ball is the creative director of Ultracor activewear, which links Ball’s passion for sports and fashion.

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