Made to Last Bodysuits

United States of America
Unable to find the perfect top to style with a pair of pants Alexandra Alvarez created a range of bodysuits for a smooth tucked-in finish. All the Collection is made in New York City with imported fabrics.

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In 2014, ALIX launched its first bodysuit collection with a focus on making luxury basics. The ALIX bodysuit collection is designed and made in New York City with imported fabrics. The collection represents the line's most basic ideals of sportive sensibility and understated edginess. Each bodysuit is polished and practical, acknowledging the importance of every woman having her essential pieces and adding ALIX to her list of staples. Exploring a wide range of carefully selected fabrications from jersey to silk, the bodysuits are designed to seamlessly transition from a layering piece to the focal point of any outfit. Designer Alexandra Alvarez places a huge emphasis on the perfect fit, constantly striving to make women feel beautiful and confident in their skin.

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