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Carla Colour

Minimalist in design and maximalist in palettes, Carla Colour is a torch for self-expression in eyewear.

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Carla Colour

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CARLA COLOUR is committed to bringing fashion-forward colour to the eyewear market in ethical + sustainable way. We create handmade eyewear in limited edition collections. CARLA COLOUR offers only two collections per year and embraces the slow fashion movement in everything they do. Their frames are constructed from ZYL acetate. This high quality material is made from wood pulp + natural cotton fibers, which are both renewable resources. Hues are embedded within the acetate, providing rich colour that won’t peel or fade. Our manufacturing partners are committed to our code of conduct, promising fair labor + ethical practices for all CARLA COLOUR production. Their glasses are accompanied by a simple handmade leather sleeve. Their leather is vegetable tanned, and will age with unique character over time. They believe this long lasting + streamlined protective solution is the smarter alternative to standard bulky plastic cases. More taste, less waste.

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