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Carrie Forbes

“I have always been drawn to anything handcrafted. It requires deep skill and concentration, and the result is always a soulful and curated look as opposed to machine made products.”

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Carrie Forbes

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Carrie Forbes, known as one of the most innovative designers in the Italian luxury handbag industry, has taken her artistry to shoes. Forbes was inspired to cultivate her artistry while exploring Turkey and Morocco, countries known for their prolific handcrafted traditions. For spring 2014, Forbes has launched a collection of hand-woven raffia shoes from Morocco, comprised of a weave indigenous only to their culture. It is produced by a community of women in their home taking up to a full day to weave just one shoe, and their extreme comfort is due to the laborious oil and water treatment of the raffia, along with the precise weaving created for each design.

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