LA-CA-USA: In Spanish, La Causa means “The Cause.” Their cause is simple: they make quality garments with California ease, always under ethical conditions.

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Founded in 2013, Lacausa is redefining basics, blending romantic silhouettes with a contemporary bohemian twist. Influenced by boundless landscapes, Lacausa offers effortless California chic without sacrificing the hand that feeds her. Fabrics are sourced and sewn with trusted partners and in our Los Angeles factory with the highest standards in mind. This means we’re crafting a product you can feel good in, both inside and out. Their core collection of tried and true basics are offered in viscose chiffon, vintage and gauze jersey, and super soft slip fabrics. LACAUSA has long held a sustainable, ethical stance in the industry and now we take our cause a step further with a new initiative focusing on human and civil rights. They will be partnering with different organizations and charities throughout the year to create awareness, voice their support, and donating in hopes of providing resources for causes their team cares deeply about.

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