Beautiful and simple sandals.

  • Handmade
  • Local Production
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It started in St. Barths, where a wandering Carly was in search of a simple, elegant sandal. And then came a beautiful, simple idea: a beautiful, simple sandal. Designed to complement life, not complicate or interrupt it. And so the story of TKEES began. They knew quality and detail would never be left behind; they hunted for manufacturers who could bring their vision to life. And so their dream took them to Brazil, where the first pair of TKEES were developed, and continue to be made today. From that first moment beneath the tiki hut, there have been more ideas, new designs, and a bigger family. But all the while, TKEES has never abandoned the point: to live a simple, elevated life. To live a life with less, worth more. In TKEES.

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